New Construction

All of our new construction leverages Global Tardiff supplies.  Leveraging their Machine-Room-Less (MRL) technology stands to bring rapid change to the elevator industry. Times of change bring opportunity and the potential for tapping new markets, serving new customers, and discovery of more profitable methods and processes.

The GTMRL  has been established to create an independent Contractor-based cooperative bringing Non-proprietary third party MRL equipment to the market for mutual benefit including:

  • Reduced costs
  • Mutually supportive cooperative
  • National credibility
  • Emerging best practices


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Proprietary vs. Non-Proprietary Equipment Significance to the Building Owner

Simply put, non-proprietary equipment has the following characteristics in common:

  • Any Provider can maintain the equipment
  • Any provider can obtain parts, technical support, and documentation pertaining to the equipment
  • The building owner has Freedom of Choice among competitive service providers

The fact remains that installing non-proprietary equipment in a building leaves the building owner with freedom to choose among competitive service providers.

While some consultants and bid writers will sometimes specify proprietary equipment, or will write specifications so narrow that there can only be one provider, in the end, this doesn’t represent the clients interest fully, and locks the client into a long term relationship with one provider. There have been instances of original equipment manufacturers stating they are unable to bid on tender which specify non-proprietary equipment due to company policy, however in the end, these companies tend to respond with a non-proprietary option.

Through its strategic alliances with high quality manufacturers of proven non-proprietary controls and equipment such as JRT, MCE and Global Tardif, REC is becomes the leader in non-proprietary elevator supply, installation, repair and maintenance.  



In addition to our 24 hour service we offer: Inspection , Oil and grease contracts, and fully guaranteed maintenance contracts.

Special Needs featuring Savaria products


  • Home,
  • Vuelift
  • Wheelchair
  • Commercial
  • Stairlift





  • New Construction or Modernization
  • Direct Factory Engineered upgrade for all Otis controllers and door equipment
  • Any Non-Otis equipment utilizing archaic “safety edge” contact designs


  • Contact-less, for safer operation and code compliance
  • Protects passengers, and door equipment
  • Reduces “contact” type engagements with the elevator door
  • Reduced liability
  • Investment Protection - Improved detection of obstructions protect doors and door equipment



  • 154 invisible infrared beams 
  • 2.25” between beams
  • B44 Appendix E code compliance for non-contact door detection
  • Continuous scan technology
  • Universal power supply, 17 – 265v AC or DC


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