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Regina Elevator Co. Ltd (REC) is an elevator and escalator maintenance, installation, and service contractor which has been servicing the provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba since 2001. Started in 2001 by Mr. Conrad Schneider, Regina Elevator Co. Ltd has grown from humble beginnings to an elevator company which is enjoying a strong growth position. With core field and administration staff of 20, REC is actively engaged in recruitment and retention initiatives which will help to grow the company during its next stages. The Company continues to be owned solely by Mr. Schneider. REC is an award winning contractor who has become the foremost provider of elevating device services for the industrial, commercial, and multi-residential sectors.

A Wealth Of Field Experience:

REC employees IUEC and provincially recognized elevator mechanics with experience ranging from newly licensed to over 40 years of direct elevator industry experience.


Manufacturer Experience:

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Virginia Controls


Global-Tardiff /JRT 



Building Owner Pledge

1. Installed equipment shall be maintainable by any elevator contractor
2. Diagnostic equipment, if not built in, shall be made available to the owner
3. Proprietary tools shall not be required for adjustment or maintenance
4. Parts, training, engineering, and technical support shall be made available to all
5. Manuals, Drawings, and schematics shall be made available to all

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